SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2018 by Lynne Heinzmann

This afternoon, most of the Book Team for the Rose Island Lighthouse Book Series met here for a barbeque in our backyard. My husband, Chris—who has become completely obsessed with smoking meat!—was kind enough to cook up a brisket, ribs, chicken, and a half-dozen sides to feed many of the folks involved in creating Wanton at the Lighthouse, the first book in our Rose Island Lighthouse Book Series: Julia Heinzmann (illustrator) came with her boyfriend Adam; Michaela Fournier (graphic designer) arrived with Julian, her boyfriend; Marilyn Harris (researcher), AKA my mom!, joined us from her downstairs apartment; and Chris Madden and Dave LeGere (Woodhall Press, our publishers!) drove up from southern Connecticut to sample Chris’s cooking and talk about the book project. In addition, we were fortunate enough to have fellow-writer Barbara Wanamaker and her husband, Greg, also join us for the festivities. Michaela had printed out dummies of the book-in-progress, so we were all able to review it and discuss possible improvements.

Possible Cover Design

Possible Cover Design

The book will now be revised a few times for its final submittal to Woodhall Press sometime before Christmas, leading up to a publishing date of April 1st, 2019. How exciting!

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2018 by Lynne Heinzmann

Goat Hill Writers’ Logo  Courtesy of

Goat Hill Writers’ Logo

Courtesy of

Tonight I was fortunate enough to attend a writing seminar taught by Hester Kaplan from the Goat Hill Writers’ Group. Together with about two dozen other authors, we spent two-and-a-half enjoyable hours learning the finer points of how to craft a truly memorable scene. Hester did a masterful job of presenting clear, concise information, involving the entire class in the learning process. During the break, we were encouraged to mingle and exchange contact information with other students to increase our network of fellow writers. Afterall, being an author can be a lonely business!

Thank you to Hester Kaplan and to Goat Hill for providing these wonderful seminars to help other authors continually hone our writing skills. They are offering another in October and one in December, taught by either Hester, Ann Hood, or Taylor Polites, all accomplished authors. Visit their website for more information:

FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2018 by Lynne Heinzmann

On Monday of this week, I started my new “day job” at Andreozzi Architecture in Barrington, Rhode Island. The firm specializes in designing high-end classical residences in and around our beautiful state. I am very excited to have this opportunity to learn the intimate details of how a well-built house is put together and to work with David, Dave, Cheryl, and Juliana, my cohorts at the firm. This is going to be fun!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

MONDAY, JULY 30, 2018 by Lynne Heinzmann

This weekend, the family and I traveled to Slatington, PA, for the 80th birthday party of a dear friend and almost relative (my brother Phil’s mother-in-law), Kathy Peters. We all had a wonderful time meeting new people and reconnecting with others we haven’t seen in many, many years. I grew up near Slatington and love going back to visit the “old neighborhood.” Perhaps it’s because when I visit I am away from my day-to-day routine or maybe it’s because Slatington is removed from the hustle and bustle of big-city life, but for whatever reason, time seems to move at a much calmer pace there. We went to the picnic birthday party, played a few games of corn hole, and just sat around and talked for two days. It was wonderful!

Fireman Statue in Slatington, PA  Photo courtesy of

Fireman Statue in Slatington, PA

Photo courtesy of

While there, I also got the chance to speak to Phil’s four children. Although, I’ve seen them every year or two since they were born (they live in San Diego), this was the first time I had the opportunity to talk to them as the fascinating adults they’ve become. Megan, Mitchell, Andrew, and Olivia, you all are amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you a little better!

FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018 by Lynne Heinzmann

Smith’s Castle  Photo courtesy of

Smith’s Castle

Photo courtesy of

Last night, I had the privilege of speaking to a group of docents at Smith’s Castle, a 340-year-old house museum located right here in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. These men and women generously volunteer their time to dress in period costumes and lead school children and tour groups through this fascinating old house. They were a wonderful audience as I spoke to them about the fun I had researching and writing Frozen Voices. I also talked a little bit about the lighthouse book series and they seemed eager to read the first book when it comes out in the spring.

Hooray for great men and women like the Smith’s Castle docents who give so freely of their time and talents to teach us all about our fascinating, historic past!

TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2018 by Lynne Heinzmann

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to speak by phone with Charlotte E. Johnson, former Executive Director of the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation and the person who probably knows more about the lighthouse and Rose Island than anyone else on earth. What a fascinating woman! Charlotte told me when she was younger, she and her friends used to boat out to Rose Island to spend the day climbing around the abandonded lighthouse and poking through the old Fort Hamilton military buildings. She spent many enjoyable afternoons on the island. Later in life, when developers wanted to tear down the lighthouse and the other buildings, Charlotte told me she recalled the fun she’d had on the island and was instrumental in thwarting the developers’ plans. She told me how they wrapped the entire island in bedsheets to draw attention to the lighthouse’s plight and to raise funds for its rescue. And she was successful! The Rose Island Lighthouse is now beautifully restored and is available to rent by the week or the weekend by “guest” lighthouse keepers. It’s a magical place!

Rose Island Lighthouse in Newport (RI) Harbor  Photo courtesy of the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation

Rose Island Lighthouse in Newport (RI) Harbor

Photo courtesy of the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation

WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 2018 by Lynne Heinzmann

Rose Island Lighthouse at Sunset                                                   Photo courtesy of Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation

Rose Island Lighthouse at Sunset                                                  Photo courtesy of Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation

Last spring, the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation contacted me and asked if I might be interested in writing a historical novel about the small, mansard-roofed lighthouse on Rose Island, a tiny 18-acre landmass halfway between Newport and Jamestown, Rhode Island. At the time I was trying to make a living at writing so, after exhausting all the funding opportunities I could think of, I spoke at the Foundation’s annual meeting last April and then we parted company, hoping to figure out a way to work together in the future. Then, a few months ago, I accepted a new “day job” as an architect and am once again free to write whatever I want to write. So, I got back in touch with the Lighthouse Foundation.

Although we don’t yet have all the contractual details fully worked out, I’ve begun to write the first book in a series about the Rose Island Lighthouse and the people who once lived there. And I have lots of help, too! My daughter, Julia, will use her considerable artistic talent to illustrate my stories. Michaela Fournier, a gifted graphic designer and friend, is going to design an awesome cover for the book and figure out how all the words and pictures look on the pages. My mother, Marilyn Harris, a retired teacher, has graciously agreed to provide us with all of the research assistance we need. My other daughter, Laura, has signed on to become our Internet/social media guru, updating this website and posting messages on Twitter, Facebook, and the like. And Colin, Chris, and Dave, three great friends I met in my Master’s program at Fairfield University, have kindly agreed to publish the first Lighthouse Book through their Connecticut-based publishing company. With a team like that, the book’s bound to be amazing!

Book One of the Rose Island Lighthouse Series will be about Wanton Chase, a boy who lived in the lighthouse with his grandparents from the time he was 18 months old until he had to go to school in Newport at age seven (1910 to 1917). His grandfather, Charles Curtis was the lighthouse keeper, serving at that post longer than anyone before or after him. Before he died at the age of 99, Wanton Chase wrote down his memories of life at the lighthouse, and I’ve taken those memories and expanded them into short stories. The book is composed of those short stories about Wanton interspersed with brief snippets of history about such subjects as the Rose Island Lighthouse, life in America in 1910, and the duties of a lighthouse keeper. It is written at a middle-grade level so that it will appeal to readers of all ages. And we plan to publish the book in hardcover as well as paperback so that everyone will be able to buy a copy. My publishing friends tell me if we complete the manuscript by September, the book will be available for purchase by early spring 2019.

Although copyright restrictions prevent me from posting excerpts from the new book online, I will post photos and articles about the Rose Island Lighthouse so that you can see why we are excited to write this book. And, beginning Memorial Day Weekend, the lighthouse is open for tours. So, if you happen to be looking for something fun to do this summer, take the Jamestown Ferry out to Rose Island and check out the lighthouse, beautifully restored by the folks of the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation. And make sure to check back here to see new stories and postings about the lighthouse and about our upcoming book. See you then!

The Lighthouses Fresnel Lens                                                         Photo courtesy of the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation

The Lighthouses Fresnel Lens                                                        Photo courtesy of the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 2018 by Lynne Heinzmann


In a moment of weakness, I agreed to participate in this year's Cycle the Seacoast Event, on Sunday, May 6th. My "little" brother, Dave (who is 6'-2" tall), somehow convinced me that bicycling 25 miles in New Hampshire would be fun! I'm not sure about how much fun it is going to be--I have never been much of a bicyclist, not even when I was a kid--but the ride is definitely for a good cause: the American Lung Association. We are raising money to support the fight against lung cancer, COPD, Asthma and other serious lung diseases and to increase awareness about the importance of lung health.

Please join me in my efforts by making a personal or corporate tax-deductible donation to support the American Lung Association. To make a pledge, please click on the link below.

Thank you in advance for your support!!

MONDAY, APRIL 09, 2018 by Lynne Heinzmann

Let me tell you... Tatnuck Bookseller in Westborough, Massachusetts, is one beautiful book store! On Saturday, BJ Knapp, Gail Ward Olmsted, Tracey Ryan, and I spent two enjoyable hours at Tatuck, discussing the different ways that we became published authors. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the time with those three talented ladies, talking to a great audience of writing enthusiasts. Before our book talk, we ate some excellent sandwiches in the book store's cafe, and then afterward, we spent nearly an hour browsing their fantastic book and gift selection.

Thanks to Tatnuck Bookseller for hosting our book event and thanks to BJ, Gail, and Tracey for a fun afternoon!

Me, Tracey, Gail, BJ, and our books!

Me, Tracey, Gail, BJ, and our books!

FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2018 by Lynne Heinzmann

Did you know that Tatnuck Bookseller in Westborough, Massachusetts, is the largest independent book store in New England? Plus, it has a charming cafe, a well-stocked gift shop, and an entire department devoted to children's books and toys.

On Saturday, April 7th at 2 PM, authors BJ Knapp, Gail Ward Olmsted, Tracey L. Ryan, and I will be presenting a panel discussion at Tatnuck, entitled "Find Out What It's Like to be an Author." With our varied specialties--from women's fiction to romance to mystery to historical fiction--and different paths to publication--from self-publishing to traditional publishing to publication upon receipt of award--the conversation is sure to be lively and informative.

So, on April 7th please check out beautiful Tatnuck Bookseller and join us for our presentation. We'd love to see some familiar faces in the audience. And (as an added enticement) we will be providing snacks!

Tatnuck Flyer-2018-04-07.jpg

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 2018 by Lynne Heinzmann

Laura, Chris, Me, and Catherine at Block Island's North Light

Laura, Chris, Me, and Catherine at Block Island's North Light

This past weekend, my husband (Chris), younger daughter (Laura), and a friend of mine (Catherine) went with me out to Block Island so I could do a Frozen Voices presentation, mostly for the folks who live on the Block year-round. I must admit to being a little worried about the ferry ride to and from the island, because--ironically!--I am not the best "boat person," often becoming quite seasick at the slightest provocation. As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. The seas were calm and the weather was the high 40s. A perfect day for a ferry ride...or two!

The book event was held at the Island Bound Bookstore, near the island's post office and was well-attended by lots of islanders. I love doing book talks and enjoy them even more when members of the audience are related to real-life characters in my book! Since many Block Islanders in 1907 were involved in rescue efforts for the Larchmont passengers, quite a few of the audience members Sunday were connected, in some way, to characters in Frozen Voices. After my talk, I loved hearing all of the interesting stories people told about the disaster.

Thank you to Susan Bush, the incredibly nice owner of the Island Bound Bookstore for organizing and hosting Sunday's event. Susan was even kind enough to lend us her car before the reading so that we could take a tour of beautiful Block Island and see again some of the places mentioned in the novel. Thanks a million! I hope to be able to do more events with you in the future. They're so much fun!

And thank you to Kristin Bauman, the director of the Island Free Library, co-sponsor of the book reading. Kristin was instrumental in assisting with the publicity for the event and provided the projector and screen I used for my presentation. Thanks, Kristin!

And three more thank-yous: to Chris, Laura, and Catherine, for coming with me to the Block and for helping out in so many ways. Catherine ran the projector and provided me with interesting/distracting conversation on the ferry so I didn't get seasick. Laura kept me company and said very nice things about my presentation. And Chris drove, carried, and did anything else that needed to be best friend, my husband, and an all-around great person!

It was a wonderful day that I'll never forget!

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2018 by Lynne Heinzmann

Happy Valentines Day!

Jessica and me at the beautiful Barrington Public Library!

Jessica and me at the beautiful Barrington Public Library!

And a HUGE shout out of thanks to Jessica D'Avanza and the other folks at the Barrington Public Library for hosting a great Frozen Voices presentation/reading last night! So many people came out on a chilly night to hear me talk about my novel. Everyone seemed to enjoy the presentation and then asked so many great questions afterward. As a special treat, one gentleman who attended, Al Pointe, showed us all a piece of the SS Larchmont, collected from the bottom of the Block Island Sound during a scuba dive to the wreck. Thanks Al!

The  Larchmont  artifact from Al Pointe

The Larchmont artifact from Al Pointe

I also was honored to have Howard McVay, nephew of Captain McVay, in the audience last night. After my presentation, Howard graciously introduced himself and shared some of his memories of his uncle. Thank you, Howard McVay, for the opportunity to meet you.

The publication of Frozen Voices has provided me with so many new and wonderful experiences for which I will always be extremely grateful.

Friday, January 12, 2018 by Lynne Heinzmann

And now for something completely different...

For the past few years, when I'm not busy writing, I've been trying my hand at making stained glass pieces. The creativity and craftmanship of it seems to work well with my personality, for some reason. 

I thought you might appreciate seeing one of the projects I've completed lately. It is a piece made from a bicycle sprocket for a local bike shop. Enjoy!


Saturday, December 16, 2017 by Lynne Heinzmann

If you are looking for something fun to do to get you into the Spirit of Christmas, please consider joining us this evening at 7 pm at the St. Francis de Sales Church Hall in North Kingstown, RI, for a radio play production of Dickens' A Christmas Carol. The performance, which is free and open to everyone, will include the choir beautifully singing many much-beloved Christmas carols, too. After the show, there will be a reception with homemade Christmas treats. This will be my first (and possibly last!) attempt at being a cast member of a theatrical production, so please come out and share the fun!

A Christmas Carol Announcement-2017-12-16.jpg

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 by Lynne Heinzmann

Rockport Public Library Postcard.jpg

Thank you to Christiann and everyone at the Rockport Library for hosting a wonderful book event on Thursday! Ellen Alden, author of Yours Faithfully, was absolutely delightful and her presentation was fascinating. Who knew a bundle of Civil War letters could become the basis for an entire novel!

The library audience listened very carefully during my presentation about the narrators for Frozen Voices and then asked great questions afterward. Thanks!

And, a special thank you to all of the members of the Heinzmann/Raymond family, who made the trip to the library to see this presentation. Your support means a lot to me!

Thursday, November 9, 2017 by Lynne Heinzmann

L. Heinzmann Flyer.jpg
E. Alden Flyer.jpg

Tonight, Ellen Alden and I will be appearing at 7 pm at the Rockport Public Library (17 School Street, Rockport, Massachusetts) as part of their From Inspiration to Publication program. Ellen and I will be discussing our writing processes and sharing how our first books were published. The presentation is free and open to the public. Please stop by!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 by Lynne Heinzmann

FUMFA Authors Book Fair 2017 Poster.jpg

Last night, I was fortunate enough to be included in Fairfield University's MFA Authors Book Fair, held on campus at the Kelley Center. Joseph Reynolds, Ben Fine, and I read from our novels and then were joined by other alumni authors and guests for book signings and fellowship. The refreshments were delicious. 

Thank you to Sonya Huber and Elizabeth Hastings for organizing the event and thanks to all the attendees for coming!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 by Lynne Heinzmann

My thanks to everyone at the North Attleborough Historical Society for a fun event Monday night. They invited me to their monthly meeting and then were a great audience while I spoke about George McVay, the captain of the doomed Steamship Larchmont and a narrator for Frozen Voices. One of the meeting attendees was even related to someone who had perished in the disaster!

I love doing book talks!

At the Adamsdale Schoolhouse in North Attleboro, MA

At the Adamsdale Schoolhouse in North Attleboro, MA

This woman had a relative on the  Larchmont !

This woman had a relative on the Larchmont!

Friday, October 13, 2017 by Lynne Heinzmann

WEMF Radio.gif

Last night, I had the opportunity to appear live on WEMF Radio, based in Boston. Max Bowen, the radio show's host and producer, and I spent a fun half-hour discussing Frozen Voices, my writing process, and the two new novels that I am currently working on. This was my first time appearing on a live radio show and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks so much to Max and the folks at ARIA (Association of Rhode Island Authors), for making the interview possible!

Friday, September 22, 2017 by Lynne Heinzmann

Earlier this week, I received boxes in the mail from New Rivers Press that contained 50 copies of Frozen Voices. (Thanks, Nayt!) No matter how many times I receive shipments of my books, I will never get over the joy of slitting open the boxes and seeing all those copies of a book that I wrote. It gives me such a thrill! Now, if I could just entice a literary agent to get excited about one of my other novels!

Box from New Rivers Press

Box from New Rivers Press