Wednesday, February 22, 2017 / by Lynne Heinzmann

Tonight, I did a book talk/reading at the North Kingstown Free Library, right here in town. A roomful of people turned out to hear about Millard Franklin, one of my four narrators. I did a slide presentation, read a brief excerpt from the book, and then answered everyone’s questions. The audience consisted of a lot of folks I knew but also a lot of new faces, too. And everyone asked such great questions! Thanks to the North Kingstown Arts Council for sponsoring the event and to the library for inviting me to participate. I had a blast!

Actually, I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying doing these presentations/readings. I was afraid that I’d be nervous or self-conscious. And I am…for about 15 seconds. And then people start asking questions and I can see they’re interested in the novel’s story and so I forget all about myself and just enjoy the lively discussions. These events really are a lot of fun!