TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2017 / by Lynne Heinzmann

On Friday, I drove around Rhode Island and Eastern Connecticut and dropped off copies of Frozen Voices at most of the independent bookshops in the area. It was an amazingly warm and sunny day--I think the temperature topped 60 degrees by mid-afternoon--and I really enjoyed getting out and seeing beautiful Southern New England. I drove from North Kingstown to Newport to Middletown to Barrington to Providence to Cranston to Mystic (CT) to Westerly to Wakefield and then back to North Kingstown: 160 miles total. With all the stops I made, the trip took about six hours. Me in my Camry, singing along to Van Morrison's Greatest Hits.

Even more than the trip, though, I enjoyed meeting and speaking with all of the people who worked in the various bookstores. There is something special about folks who spend their days surrounded by great literature, past and present. Each bookseller accepted a few copies of the Frozen Voices from me and most suggested that I contact them soon about setting up readings/signings at their stores. I'm sure I'll enjoy getting out and sharing the book with different audiences. 

I've posted the names of the bookstores on a new page of this website: Where to Buy: Stores. If you get the chance, please stop by one of them and support your local, independent bookseller. Also, keep an eye on my "Appearances" page for listings of upcoming readings.

And the journey continues!