Thursday, October 29, 2015 / by Kaitlyn Lamb

I guess technically, it’s Friday, October 30, since it is now a few minutes after midnight.  I just finished reading through FV and checking all of the edits—again.  I wonder how many times I’ve read the entire novel now, beginning to end.  Twenty times?  Thirty?  Anyhow, tonight I finished reviewing it, wrote a cover letter, and sent it off to Meghan and Co.  I do hope my delay doesn’t mess up their course schedules.

In the cover letter, I told Meghan that I felt the Team had done a great job catching a lot of edits that I’d missed, especially eliminating the word “that.”  I had no idea I used that word so much!  I also mentioned I was concerned about the number of commas the Team wanted to add to FV.  During my MFA program at Fairfield, we were told that commas were now considered passé and should be eliminated as often as possible.  In reviewing the edits, I tried to keep the commas only where I felt they were absolutely necessary.  I did my best to explain my thoughts on Anna and her Swedish phrases/translations, too.  I’m curious to see what the Team says after they read my comments and review my edits.