Wednesday, September 9, 2015 / by Kaitlyn Lamb

Today I left work at my day job at noon and went to the Providence Public Library to spend some time writing my new novel, Beethoven’s Thirty-Second.  Although I’m enjoying the publishing/editing process for FV, I’m happy to have another novel to work on, too.  Actually, I’m very excited about the way B32 is progressing, right now.  I’m currently on its third edit, smoothing out the rough spots in the plot and adding sensory details to every scene.

While I was at the Providence Library (what a beautiful, historical building!) I stopped into the archive room and purchased the rights to use a photo of the Larchmont that was in the library’s archives.  It’s a great shot of the steamship at its dock in Providence, down near the Point Street Bridge.  I get so excited seeing a photo of the Larchmont, almost like seeing a picture of an old friend.