Tuesday, August 18, 2015 / by Kaitlyn Lamb

Nayt wrote back and I feel sooo much better about this whole contract thing.  “You will have input on the interior and the cover design of the book.  We have designers that we use, and if you have any suggestions, we can pass them on to them.  However, we do like giving them freedom to work with their interpretations of what we give them.  Once we get designs, we pass them on to you for feedback, and we can go from there.  We don’t typically allow for infinite ‘do-overs’ but one or two rounds of suggestions/changes isn’t unheard of.  Also, we’ve had authors provide art to be integrated into the cover in the past.  Of course, it is on the author to obtain rights and permissions from the artist to use the piece, if that is a rout you want to take.  So, NRP has ‘final say’ in what the book looks like, but we don’t do anything without the author’s okay.  We won’t go with a design you completely hate.”

Phew!  Although I don’t have a definite vision of what I want the cover of FV to look like, I would be bummed if I had no say in it whatsoever.  The cover of a book is such a big part of how it is perceived.