Thursday, November 26, 2015 / by Lynne Heinzmann

Happy Thanksgiving!

As part of their celebration, Chris’s family conducts a little show-and-tell after Thanksgiving dinner, where family members gather and talk about what they’ve been doing during the course of the past year.  This year, I got up in front of 25 to 30 family members and told everyone about Frozen Voices: where the story’s idea came from and how I’d won the book prize.  Then I showed them the various ideas for the book’s cover.  The two favorites were the mirrored-image ship from NRP and the latest draft from Kaitlyn.  Those are my favorites, too.

I enjoyed doing the brief presentation to the family.  I liked talking about my book and I felt like it was good practice for giving book readings/talks after the book is published next year.  I just hope every crowd is as friendly and encouraging as the family was!