Saturday, September 5, 2015 / by Kaitlyn Lamb

This afternoon, I had my photo shoot for my author photo for the back cover of Frozen Voices.  Eric Wertheimer, the photographer, was great.  Chris and I met him at his home in Wakefield and found him to be very kind and welcoming and obviously a very talented photographer.  (He showed us some other photos he’s taken—of Miss Rhode Island and politicians—and they looked beautiful.)  Eric shot the pictures of me across the street from his home, in the lawn of an old white church, filled with flowers and sun-lit bushes.  He took dozens of photos using a variety of settings and seemed confident that some of them had come out well, despite my obvious nervousness.

After the photo shoot, Chris took me out for lunch and drinks at a local pub, saying I deserved a Mojito or two.  It’s comforting to know that, after twenty-five years of marriage, my husband knows me well enough to know when I am stressing about something.  And the Mojitos were good!

Actually, Chris has been very supportive of this whole publishing journey.  Ever since I received notice that I’d won the book prize, he has done everything he can to help me out, from coming down to Enders to helping out more with household chores to going with me to the photography session.  He even read the entire novel, even though he generally doesn’t enjoy reading.  Pretty cool.  I’ve always tried to be supportive of his fiddle playing, too.  I guess that’s how marriage works.