MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2018 / by Lynne Heinzmann

Goat Hill Writers’ Logo  Courtesy of

Goat Hill Writers’ Logo

Courtesy of

Tonight I was fortunate enough to attend a writing seminar taught by Hester Kaplan from the Goat Hill Writers’ Group. Together with about two dozen other authors, we spent two-and-a-half enjoyable hours learning the finer points of how to craft a truly memorable scene. Hester did a masterful job of presenting clear, concise information, involving the entire class in the learning process. During the break, we were encouraged to mingle and exchange contact information with other students to increase our network of fellow writers. Afterall, being an author can be a lonely business!

Thank you to Hester Kaplan and to Goat Hill for providing these wonderful seminars to help other authors continually hone our writing skills. They are offering another in October and one in December, taught by either Hester, Ann Hood, or Taylor Polites, all accomplished authors. Visit their website for more information: