Friday, November 11, 2016 / by Lynne Heinzmann

Happy Veteran’s Day!

This Monday afternoon, I was on my way to one of my classes at the University of Rhode Island (I’ve started working on my PhD in Literature/Creative Writing—but that’s another story!), when I noticed a padded envelope on my front stairs. Thinking it was a book I’d ordered from (OK, so I order lots of books!), I casually ripped open the envelope and pulled out the book, only to see my own face staring back at me from the cover of Frozen Voices! Yes, I was more than a little bit surprised! I took the book to class with me, showed to everyone there, and received hearty congratulations all around. I guess I really AM going to be a published author!

The accompanying note from Nayt at New Rivers Press informed me that this was a galley copy for me to review. He said that they would also be checking it at NRP and that they would be sending out copies to reviewers, as well.  Everything is happening so fast, now!

Today, Chris (my husband) made reservations for us to fly out for the launch of the book at New Rivers Press/University of Minnesota at Moorhead. We are flying in and out of Fargo, North Dakota, which is apparently just over the state line from Moorhead. I feel like that makes us uniquely lucky because how many people can actually say they’ve been to Fargo, right? Nayt e-mailed me yesterday to say that I’d be taking part in one reading at the college and perhaps one more downtown. I suppose I should be nervous, but instead I’m just really excited.

Over the next few days, I’m planning on putting together a PowerPoint presentation of Frozen Voices to possibly use for my readings in Minnesota but definitely use for my readings/signings back here in Rhode Island later in the month. My plan is to compile the presentation before Thanksgiving so that I can try it out on the family after our turkey dinner. (Hopefully, a friendly crowd!) I already called the North Kingstown Library and plan to contact other venues to set up even more readings. I want EVERYONE to read my book!

Of course, the first thing I need to do is to edit the galley for Frozen Voices so that NRP can make the corrections and print the book.  So far, I’m about halfway through it and have only found a few errors. Better get back to it, though!